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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  April 22, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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looking live from our east bay hills camera, a clear quiet saturday night, but
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long lines in san francisco for a momentous election. not here but thousands of miles away. and once again, all eyes are on a controversial candidate with a tough stance on immigration. good evening. i'm eric thomas. voters in france and abroad are deciding which two presidential candidates will appear in a runoff election. here's a look at the eiffel tower in the capital city of paris as the sun came up just a little while ago. voters are now heading to the polls in one of the most contentious contests in recent memory. abc 7 news reporter keith larsen is live in our newsroom with reaction from local french citizens who voted today. >> reporter: here in the bay area french citizens got a chance to cast their ballot early. some lining up here for hours. right now it is sunday morning
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in france and you're taking a live look at a polling place in paris. k see folks inside lining up getting ready to cast their vote for an election that truly stands to influence politics around the globe. a contentious election resulting in violence on the streets of paris. as a vote with global impact is under way in france and across the world. here in the bay area french citizens lined up at the polls in berkeley and san francisco. >> i think they're all decent candidates. it doesn't matter who you vote for as long as you vote against le pen. >> reporter: marine le pen recently saying islamist ideology cannot be spread in france. she is one of four candidates on the ballot locked in a dead heat for a spot in the second round. president trump told the a.p. that thursday's terrorist attack on the champs elysees would probably help the far right candidate, whose campaign has been compared to trump's. as she promises to pull france out of the eu and vows to crack down on immigration. >> we're all about globalization
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and not creating borders and barriers, and i feel like she's going to do the same, so that's not something that we like. we're a very international family. >> reporter: nicole garzon recently got her french passport and is voting in a french election for the first time. she supports francois fillon, a mainstream conservative candidate. >> i think a lot of people are showing ip because they don't want the same thing to happen in france that's happened here with trump and in the uk with brexit. >> reporter: emmanuel macron is leading the polls just ahead of le pen. the centrist has formed a new party and has never held political office. former president barack obama called him to offer his support. >> main message i have is to wish you all the best in the coming days. >> reporter: now, we are hearing about actually local watch parties tomorrow morning at cafe bastille in downtown san francisco opening early at 10:00 a.m. to broadcast the election results. the final runoff election between the top two candidates will take place on may 7th.
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in the newsroom i'm kate larsen. eric, we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kate, thanks a lot. let's take one more live look from paris where polls opened at the top of the hour. it's just past 8:00 a.m. there. the voting will take place mostly while you're sleeping, but we'll stay on top of the results. download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts and you'll get updates on what happens in france. to developing news now. a fire has completely gutted a home in sunnyvale. abc 7 news was at the scene while firefighters surrounded the fire on el sona court. that's on west fremont avenue and highway 80. firefighters faced dangerous conditions when they went inside and they retreated from the burning home around 7:30 this evening. >> we started having fire break through the roof itself. it became unsafe because the roof has solar panels on top and also we started having roof collapse. that roof was already compromised because of fire. that just adds more weight to that roof. it can have a quicker collapse. >> all the residents escaped safely. one of them treated for a minor injury. once it's safe investigators will look to see how that fire
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started. people across the world marched in the name of science this earth day. they marched here in the u.s., in europe, and even antarctica. and here in the bay area thousands rallied for science and called out those who denounce or deny it. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has our story. >> science, not silence. >> reporter: a celebration of earth day at uc berkeley. these marchers support science and say climate change and global warming is real. >> we only have one planet and it's really important to fight for it and protect it. ♪ >> reporter: in san francisco market street was packed wall to wall with thousands of marchers for science. becky fullup brought her daughter from oakland. >> i believe that science is not something we should even have to be marching for. and yet with the current administration it's something that's threatened. ♪ she blinded me with science >> reporter: many believe president trump has shown little respect for the importance of science. >> basic things are under attack, which i don't support. i also am here because i believe that science itself and
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technology, regardless of who the president is, should be more inclusive. >> reporter: the march from the foot of market street made its way toward civic center. some students came with their science classes. >> why are you here today? >> because i want to save this earth. >> our planet under attack. >> fight back. >> reporter: before the march san francisco supervisor jeff sheehy, who was hiv positive, told the crowd science saved his life. >> we're demanding continued funding to further the knowledge of our planet, our universe, and develop therapies that will save countless lives. >> reporter: "mythbusters" host adam savage says science is no myth. >> we want to leave the world a better place for our kids and our families and our communities. and if we can agree on that we can have a reasoned discussion about how to move forward. >> reporter: in an earth day statement president trump said, "my administration is committed to advancing scientific research that leads to a better understanding of our environment and of environmental risks."
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science marchers hope some common ground can be reached. they say the environment should not be a partisan issue. in berkeley cornell barnard, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was also in san jose when people from all walks of life gathered at city hall to march for science. two marchers shared some insight on what motivated them to join today's event. >> well, we're here to march for science. we support making decisions based on fact and evidence and not on ideology and ignorance. >> celebrating the amazing things that science does for us. there's folks who have had organ transplants, medical procedures, cures for diseases. >> organizers also told us they'd like to see politicians of all parties support science education and scientific projects across the country. if you'd like more information on today's marches go to you are o'website at in other news now, police in san jose are on the lookout for a gunman who killed one man and injured two others at a molt 6.
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it happened this morning around 3:00. when police got to the motel one person was already dead. two others had to be rushed to the hospital. authorities have not yet released a motive. "happy days" actress erin moran has died. an emergency crew found her unresponsive in indiana. "variety" reports she was recently kicked out of her trailer park home because she partied too hard. authorities have not said how she died. erin moran was 56. tonight the flight attendants union is coming to the defense of an american airlines flight attendant who appeared to snap at sfo. by now you've seen the video. his angry outburst coming after passengers stood up to him. they say he took away a mother's stroller, accidentally hitting her and just missing her children. the flight attendants union is urging the company and the public not to rush to judgment until the full story comes out. the union also reminds passengers that it is against federal law to threaten a flight attendant with violence. that flight attendant is on paid
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leave while the airline investigates. the union says tight schedules overcrowded planes, smaller seats and limited overhead bin space are to blame for the recent rise in clashes between passengers and crew. american refunded the mother's ticket, gave her a $1,000 travel voucher, and put her and her family on a first-class flight back do their home country of argentina. well, tonight the warriors took a commanding lead in their first-round playoff series against portland on the blazers' home floor, but it took a big second half comeback. abc 7 sports anchor mike shumann is live in portland-k and shu, it was exciting to watch. >> what a game it was, eric, and i wish you were here. of course the warriors were 0-4 in game 3s last year. and of course game 3 always the toughest to win because it's the first one in your poents home and a raucous crowd. the warriors fought both of those without steve kerr and kevin durant. i'll show you some highlights. oakland's own damian lillard, 31 points on the night. blazers led by as many as 17 in
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the first half. but the doves roared back in the third and steph curry put it away in the fourth. curry with a game-high 34 points as the warriors win it 119-114. they can sweep the series monday night. >> it's a lot of heart in the third quarter, trying to just get back to warrior basketball. they obviously had a lot of adrenaline and fed off the home crowd's energy. for us to withstand those runs and do what we do to get ourselves back in the game and get over the hump just a lot of fight. >> he's made big shots his entire life. and sooner or later both he and klay were going to get it going. i just felt that you know, we needed to make sure that we defended the right way in order to give those guys a chance to get hot. >> all right. warriors up 3-0. they can close it out monday night. we'll have a lot more coming up in sports. reporting live in portland, mike shumann, abc 7 news. >> all right, shu, thanks a lot. rick kwon will have all the highlights coming up in sports. first, a small northern california community in the spotlight tonight.
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go inside the remote sis keaau county cabin where a tennessee teacher holed up with a student he's accused much kidnapping. this picture from the exploratorium at pier 15 showing the warriors' colors. i want to he sho you how today temperatures returned back to average. eight to ten degrees cooler than we were on friday. we'll have a cool day tomorrow and then i'm tracking some rain, chances of rain coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. channel 7. the force is with you always. >> and what a day for selfies in the south bay. what you missed at silicon valley comic-con today and what you could see tomorrow. plus -- and an officer tonight dealing with an unusual freeway hazard. stay with
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we are back tonight with a look inside the remote cabin in siskiyou cabin where authorities found a tennessee teacher holed up with his student. it ended a 30-day manhunt for the missing teen. abc news reporter eva pilgrim has our story tonight. >> reporter: tonight the family of the missing tennessee teen speaking for the first time since being reunited. >> we're all excited. it's like just pure joy. >> reporter: 50-year-old tad cummins in fbi custody and facing federal charges after allegedly kidnapping elizabeth thomas and going on the run for over a month. >> what is she like right now? >> well, right now she's -- i mean, in ways she's like herself but in ways she's not. and it's kind of distressing to see her like that. it's troubling. >> reporter: this as we are getting a look inside the remote california cabin where elizabeth was finally found. inside, plywood walls, leftover food sitting on bare floors, along with survival gear, toilet
11:16 pm
paper, and very little else. no electricity or running water. >> search warrant papers. >> reporter: these documents left behind by investigators listing some of the items seized as evidence. bed rolls, socks, beer cans. the nationwide search began after cummins and thomas disappeared march 13th from columbia, tennessee. two days later security video captured them at a walmart in oklahoma city. they made their way to northern california and stayed at a commune but left after they were not accepted into the group. >> there were all kinds of indications something a little strange was going on. >> reporter: officials caught up to the pair in that cabin where the caretaker says he saw an amber alert poster and called authorities. surrounded, cummins surrendered without incident. >> someone kind of showed me a picture and i was like, yeah, that's definitely the guy. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news. an east bay congressman returned to his alma mater today to listen to what people want him to do in washington. abc 7 news was at dublin high school where eric swallwell
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hosted a town-hall meeting. around 200 people had the chance to ask him about fixing roads, campaign finance reform, sanctuary cities and social security. a dublin boy scout asked about crowded schools in his growing city. >> how will we improve kids' education and having enough space at the same time? >> people are going to develop in our community, they have to build schools and roads and support the police. >> the congressman called on local businesses to engage with children to help them choose future careers. fans at this year's silicon valley comic-con say it's the best one yet. abc 7 news went back to san jose tonight where we spotted spider-man, wonder woman, and more comics than most people know what to do with. the costumes are a big hit with lovers of fantasy, sci-fi movies, and technology. there were plenty of "star trek" fans celebrating the 30th anniversary of "the next generation." and where else are you going to see lightsaber fights? >> i just love the different
11:18 pm
costumes here. just like spending time with my friends and family here. it's awesome. i can't complain. can't complain. even as the darth lord. i love it. >> you're a signaturth. you're supposed to complain. even nasa has an exhibit. you can see apple co-founder steve wozniak and actors pam greer and john cusack. sometimes families need help when they're stranded on the freeway and they just can't drive away or fly away. you're looking at what happened in petaluma today when a family of canadian geese found themselves stranded in a dangerous spot along 101. an animal control officer rounded up the goslings and the adult geese waddled behind them. >> sometimes they'll be in the worst place. today they're on the freeway and we were able to get them to the off-ramp and a little patch of grass so it's not too traumatizing. we could have drove them somewhere, but then you don't know if you're separating the mom and the hatchlings. >> animal control officers asked us to tell you that if you see animals in a dangerous condition
11:19 pm
on the freeway stay in your car and call the highway patrol. and if you it to be geese asking for roadside assistance this was a beautiful day to do it in the bay area. >> it's pretty nice. they can get a little feisty too. i'm surprised. >> that's what i hear. they can get a little upset. early warning. >> it was a nice earth day. all things considered. you have a lot of high cloudiness but look what happened as the sun was starting to set. roll the time lapse from our east bay hills camera and you can see just about an hour to an hour and a half of sunlight. we'll see more tomorrow. right now our temperatures are dropping down into mainly the mid and upper 50s. we've got some cool exceptions. look at santa rosa 51, livermore 52, and up in the hills in los gatos it's about 48 and fairfield 51 also. bone dry on doppler 7. we'll have a mixture of clouds and stars tonight. can't completely get rid of the clouds tonight. we may have some low clouds develop as we head toward tomorrow morning. looks gorgeous from the east bay
11:20 pm
hills camera. brighter and cooler tomorrow. chance of rain. chances i should say early next week. and next weekend trending warm. wait till you see those 70s and 80s, possibly even at the coast. it's a week away, though. tonight you can see the patchy cloudiness that's going to develop. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in place like cloverdale, santa rosa, fairfield, livermore, palo alto, morgan hill, about 50 to 52 for the rest of us. microclimates for tomorrow. 70234 gilroy. 66 to 69 for the rest of the south bay. san jose 68. santa cruz if you're heading to the boardwalk. peninsula 63 to 67 degrees. redwood city, menlo park, los altos 66. half moon bay 66. that's one of our warm spots along the coast where it's going to get breezy especially 3:00 in the noon hours. 65 south san francisco. a little breezy if you're thinking of walking across the golden gate. 64 there in sausalito but 70 in santa rosa and also napa. along the east bay shore 64 in berkeley. oakland 65 and fremont 67. inland we'll have a 70 around
11:21 pm
antioch. the rest of us around 67 to 69 degrees. it's going to be pretty comfortable. even though it won't be as warm as it was like friday and what it's going to be next week. here's a look from sutro tower. we'll talk about your activity planner at the beach. just those cool breezes in the afternoon. more sunshine if you're exercising. make sure you have the sunscreen on. and on the water if you like the breezes the bay breezes will kick off about 3:00 also. let's talk about the game. golfers sweep. they are hot. 62 at 1:05 to 63 at 4:05. grab the sunscreen. you'll need it. you can see the morning clouds, low clouds, afternoon, high clouds. but dry the entire day. now as we head toward monday morning we're going to wake up with increasing clouds. most of us dry except for up in the north bay that's where we could have a little bit of rain. some showers making their way to san francisco by noon and then scattered showers as we head into monday afternoon and evening. notice the green dots are very splotchy. they are definitely not steady
11:22 pm
and not very widespread. we'll still put a 1 on the storm impact scale for that and for the next storm that comes in tuesday to wednesday morning. they'll keep our temperatures in the 60s, then in 70s develop thursday. 70 at the coast. mid 70s to near 80 around the bay about a week from now. something to look forward to. >> we're this close to may and still having rain. it's amazing 37. >> won't be a lot but it's still there. >> we
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tonight, nasa has released stunning images of our planet taken over the past year in honor of earth day. nasa says this is the clearest view ever of human settlements across the western hemisphere. this image may look like a piece of art, but it's actually a portion of northwest canada's mckenzie river delta. and take a look at this photograph released just a couple of days ago. yes, that small speck you see off in the distance contains each and every one of us.
11:26 pm
this is the earth as seen from between saturn's icy rings. and that's what the hoop must have looked like in the second half for the warriors. it was that big and -- >> oh, i see. >> and for the trail blazers it was that big. >> amazing tonight. coming up in sports, the sharks were at home tonight trying to stay alive in the playoffs. and how about them warriors? short-hand
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♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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the warriors took on the blazers tonight without head coach steve kerr, who was not feeling well, and kevin durant, who's still not 100%. let's go out to portland. durant still nursing a calf
11:30 pm
injury. the blazers dominated the first half. damian lillard splits the defense and hits two of his 31. portland led by as much as 317. the dubs respond way furious third quarter rally. klay thompson with the triple. he finished with 24 points. golden state would take the lead as curry finds andre iguodala, who slams in for the -- flies in for the slam. durant is overwhelmed. portland tries to recover. c.j. mccollum from long range. he led the blazers with 32. but it wasn't enough as curry could not be stopped down the stretch. he finished with a game-high 34. some great passing here sets up iguodala, who delivers the hammer. blazer fans were left stunned. with under a minute left, curry sticks in the dagger with this three-pointer. the warriors rally from 17 down to win. 119-113. they can wrap up the series with a win on monday. mike shumann has more from portland. >> steph curry led a huge comeback by the warriors with 34 points tonight. they trailed by 17 at one point
11:31 pm
but now lead this series three games to none, and they can close it out on monday night. >> whatever the game kind of calls for, being ready for those moments and everybody i think that stepped foot on the floor felt the moment, you know, in their own way and took advantage of it. and that's how we came back. >> anytime you're playing against great players it brings out that emotion. this crowd booed me when i'm walking off the floor in the first quarter. kind of sparks to you want to shut them up. >> i don't think it's ever been done, somebody coming back from 3-0. especially against a team like golden state. but as i'm sure a lot of you guys know, you know, i'm not one to quit. >> reporter: reporting in portland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. trailing edmonton three games to two, the sharks had to win tonight at the tank or their season was over. opening the door for the sharks, stanford football coach david shaw and star running back christian mccaffrey. early in the second justin braun's shot is blocked.
11:32 pm
that leads to a breakaway for leon drysidle, who beats martin jones. less than a minute later became 2-0 as a bad pass sets up this anton slepachev breakaway. he gets his first goal of the playoffs. late in the third san jose cut the lead in half as patrick marleau scores what might be his final goal as a shark. joe pavelski had i achance to tie it minutes later but his backhander hits the crossbar. an empty netter made the final 3-1 oilers. so the sharks are eliminated from the playoffs, losing four games to two. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. later in the show giants and a's highlights and
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. tonight's headlines, flames destroyed a $2.5 million home in sunnyvale tonight. that fire started around 7:30 on el sono court. at one point firefighters had to step back because the roof began to collapse. one resident suffered a minor injury. scientific freedom without political interference. that was the message of earth day marches here in the bay area and around the world today. supporters of the science march want to see adequate spending on future breakthroughs and support for scientific pursuits. it is sunday morning in france right now, and the polls have just opened in a crucial presidential election. they're deciding which two candidates will go head to head in a runoff, which could influence politics around the globe. one candidate has been compared to donald trump. in berkeley and in san francisco french citizens stood in long lines earlier tonight to vote
11:37 pm
early. in florida tonight there's a state of emergency because of brush fires. at least 7,000 homes have been evacuated as firefighters struggle to stop the swift-moving flames in three different counties. tonight investigators think an arsonist may be to blame. here's abc news reporter a rchlts el firshef. >> reporter: the scorches flames and choking smoke are chasing thousands from their homes. >> police was knocking at my door saying to evacuate. and when i came outside i saw a big smoke in the fire. >> reporter: 115 fires raging across florida. >> we got all around the house squirting trees down, squirting the fire down. >> reporter: the furious blazes moving too fast for firefighters. >> i came home, and there's a big old ball of fire. >> reporter: this house charred to smoldering ruin. people forced to run, wondering if they'll have homes to return to. >> it's not looking good right now. >> reporter: this couple saved what they could as a neighbor's house disappeared into the flames. >> one of the houses on the other side, it was a two-story
11:38 pm
house it it's gone. it's completely gone. >> reporter: this baby deer trying to outrace the fire. blackhawk helicopters are dousing the inferno from above as residents try to salvage what they can. >> our farm's burning down. i ran back here, to try to save our last tractor. >> reporter: near orlando, flames shooting up to 150 feet in the air. officials now putting any possible arsonist on notice. >> it will be hotter than this fire until you're locked up in jail. >> reporter: and near the ft. myers plumes of smoke filling the air. authorities say a cigarette sparked this blaze that spread two miles and destroyed four homes. a lack of rainfall creating doubt in parts of the state, elevating fire danger levels. the florida national guard now helping with evacuations. ariel reshresh york. a woman in wisconsin claims she was burned when her fitbit
11:39 pm
exploded on her wrist. the second-degree burns that deena mitchell was wearing. she said it exploded when she was reading a book. >> fitbit itself totally melted. the bracelet melted. and i got pieces of plastic burned into my arm. >> san francisco-based fitbit says what happened to mitchell is being investigated. fitbit's website does include a safety warning about handling the fitness trackers carefully. but mitchell insists she was careful with her fitbit. abc 7 news shared the stories of bay area residents who claim their fitbit charges gave them rashes. one man even developed skin problems after wearing two different fit bits more than a year ago. the consumer products safety committee received more than 100 complaints about rashes. this came after fitbit made changes to its trackers after people complained of flashes 2014. president trump personally awarded a purple heart tie
11:40 pm
soldier recovering from a def staith injury in the war on terror. >> to sefrnlth first class alvaro barrientos, united states army, for wounds received in action on the 17th of march, 2017, in afghanistan. >> he lost part of his leg last month. mr. trump wanted to meet him personally at walter reed army medical center. >> when i heard about this, and i wanted to do it myself. so congratulations on behalf of melania and myself and the entire nation. >> the president also met with other service members being treated at that large hospital outside washington, d.c. two researchers found a one of its kind copy of the declaration of independence in what some historians might call an unlikely place, great britain. you're looking at what two harvard scholars now are calling the sussex declaration. they believe it's the only parchment manuscript copy of the declaration of independence. the original is kept at the national archives in washington, d.c. the copy you're looking at was
11:41 pm
found at a records office in southern england. next on abc 7 news at 11:00 -- ♪ whisper words of wisdom ♪ let it be a bay area native with autism is using song to help inspire others. meet this abc 7 star straight ahead. and we still have half the weekend to go, and it's going to be one with more sunshine. take a look at your day planner forecast tomorrow. if allergies bother you, it might not be the best day to be outside. i do have some
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tonight a story about autism and overcoming the odds. as a child growing up in marin valley michael valcur didn't speak. now he's a professional baritone and we honor him as an abc 7 star. natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings has his story. >> reporter: singer michael
11:45 pm
valcor is ready to take the stage. he's the final performer of the night. there's a lot of talent here. you or i might be feel those sweaty palms right about now. not michael. he lives to perform. >> mm-hmm. i love it. >> reporter: michael has autism and is often a man of few words. but just ask him to sing and, well -- ♪ sing ♪ sing a song it's hard to get him to stop. ♪ sing out loud ♪ sing out strong but then again, why would you want to? you want italian opera? piece of >> [ singing in foreign language ]. >> reporter: he'll gladly sing the beatles. ♪ let it be >> his parents watched him walk a wa a winner from the special needs showcase last spring. he has since filmed a music video. a triumph after a hard beginning.
11:46 pm
arnold and kathy valcor always wanted a family. >> i wanted one of each. >> we got what we wanted. >> reporter: after a daughter michael answered their prayers. born in daly city. >> spoefsht. >> reporter: but kathy says as time passed she knew something wasn't right. and i went to the doctor and i said he isn't talking. >> reporter: again and again they were told he would grow out of it. finally, the diagnosis. autism. >> i told arnold, i think i cried for 15 minutes, and we started thinking about what we needed to do. >> reporter: as an adult michael says communicating is often isolating. >> because all of a sudden i get something wrong for them. >> reporter: it's music that connects him with the world, and his biggest advocates are supporting his dream. >> i love you too. >> reporter: his parents now 80 and 75 say they often worry about what will happen to michael once they're gone. but tonight happy tears. they're celebrating he's been chosen as an abc 7 star.
11:47 pm
>> for him to live a life and to be a star. my life after a while didn't matter. it's all about him. >> reporter: it's showtime. ♪ when i am down the song, "you raise me up." of course his mother's in the audience rorgd every performa e audience recording every performance. on the side the man who knows every word. ♪ to more than i can they've been raising michael up for decades now. ♪ be [ cheers and applause ] michael's last anytime val coeur means stout of heart. we see that in his music and his parents. we recognize him as an, 7 star.
11:48 pm
natasha zouves, abc 7 news. >> bravo to him and his family. let's check in with mike nicco. yeah, i said mike nicco. >> what time is it? what day is it? >> exactly. >> here's a look from the east bay hills. it looks gorgeous. i get to see all these seitz i never get to see. usually i'm asleep. but here's a look at your sunday planner. 49 to 55 by about 8:00 tomorrow. it will be brighter than it was yesterday. 57 to 63 at noon. mid 60s for the rest of us at 4:00 and then 5 to about 60 at 7:00. look from emeryville. if you're going to be out, moderate amounts of tree pollen and grass pollen. mold spores low and the uv index is going to be a little high. gets who's going to be at heller aviation tomorrow for the airport runway run. sandhya patel. she'll be there emceeing. that sounds like some pretty good rung weather to me. we've got light storms on the storm impact scale for monday and tuesday. >> i love hiller.
11:49 pm
but i have to stay there while everybody else is running. mike, thank you very much. rick kwon is here with sports. >> some good news and some bad news for our local playoff teams. coming up you'll hear from the sharks as their season comes to an end. and the warriors
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the warriors just refuse to lose. they came into game 3 tonight without head coach steve kerr, kevin durant, shaun livingston and matt barnes. but golden state still managed to beat portland despite trailing by 16 in the third quarter. with kerr out because of illness, mike brown filled in as headcoach. oakland native damian lillard got off to a fast start as the blazers led by as much as 17 the first half. lillard finished with 31 points. but the warriors, led by klay thompson, staged a furious rally in the third. klay scored 14 in the quarter.
11:53 pm
the blazers kept it close but could not stop steph curry, who finished with a game-high 34 points and eight assists. warriors win 119-113 and can close out the series on monday. mike shumann has more from portland. >> what a comeback by the warriors. down 17 points and steph curry led the way with 34. of course steve kerr did not coach tonight because he wasn't feeling wp. afterwards they gave him the game ball. >> he told us this morning this is a situation where we need to rally and go out and win a game for him. we felt the way the game had gone on we had to fight and do it for him. and the way he said it was we had to win one for the gipper. >> at halftime because when i was walking to the back our general manager came to me, bob myers, and he said hey, we're going to replace you at halftime with ron adams because you're not defending. he hit me with that, and i pleaded to the guys that i wanted to coach the second half and they responded. >> he was thrown into the fire.
11:54 pm
he didn't find out he was coaching until today. and to make decisions like that in a hostile environment, you know, about to lose game 3 and to do that, that was pretty big-time of him. so that was huge. >> reporter: warriors up three in the series. they can wrap it up on monday night. reporting in portland, mike shumann, abc 7 sports. memphis was payton's place tonight as the grizzlies hosted the spurs with just 15 seconds left and the game tied, kawhi leonard put san antonio on top. he had a game-high 43. but the grizzlies send the game to overtime as mike conley ties it up with two of his team-high 35 points. in o.t. it came down to this. marc gasol hits the floater with just .7 of a second left. memphis wins 110-108. so this series is even at two games apiece. now to hockey. trailing edmonton three games to two, the sharks had to win tonight at the tank or their season was over. stanford football coach david shaw and stanford star christian
11:55 pm
mccaffrey were there. anton slepyshev's first goal of the playoffs makes it 2-0 edmonton. down 2-1 the sharks' joe pavelski had a chance to tie it late in the third but his backhander hits a crossbar. an empty netter made the final 3-1 oilers. sought sharks are eliminated from the playoffs, losing four games to two. >> you can win if you're committed. so we'll see what happens this summer. there's nothing for us to worry about right now. you know, we'll take what we can from this year and it was about tonight. it's not about next year. >> sometimes you get on that roll. and this year we just kind of -- yeah, the injury bug kind of hit us and it kind of hurt us. but no excuses. they played a great series. hats off to them. a day after losing madison bumgarner toe i adirt bike accident and now looks like denrig denard spann might be out for a while. let's go to coors field where some bay area sports fans were
11:56 pm
on hand. colorado jumped on top with a three-run first. two of those coming on this blast by mark reynolds. it came off matt moore. the rockies weren't looking for more off moore in the second. charlie blackmon with the deep fly ball. spann races back and makes a catch. but hurts himself running into thewall. spann had to leave with a mild shoulder sprain. he's scheduled to have x-rays. in the sixth blackmon again makes good contact. this time the ball is not going to be caught. it's over the 415-foot sign. that made it 6-0. colorado goes on to beat giants 12-3. san francisco drops to 6-12. at the coliseum the a's got off to a rickey henderson-like start when adam rosales led off the first with a home run. rickey helds holds the major league record with 81 homers. rosales with his trade mshlg sprint around the bases. after jed lowry's single ryan healey gives oakland a 3-1 lead over seattle with this homer. his third of the year. with two outs in the ninth the
11:57 pm
mariners had the tying run in the second but ryan hansown strikes out kevin haniger. it's their fifth straight victory. and this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by river rock casino. so the warriors come back to win tonight, they can wrap it up on monday. >> you think if this was the game portland needed this was the one to take. >> demoralizing. >> it's because you were here. >> that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news. continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for rick kwon and mike nicco thank you for
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